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Music has always been a close companion to Mathias. That goes way back. A special place where things may be as you want them to be, as your mind choose to perceive them at that specific moment. It has to do with where your thoughts may be or if your senses cling on to a certain memory or feeling that get triggered when hearing a sound. It’s deep, and must be taken seriously. But that doesn’t mean it can’t involve humor.
Before realizing all this, Mathias started to make music of whatever chord or technical posession he might have had. In fact, the first song he ever wrote was about the airplane that dropped the atomic bomb over Hiroshima. Enola Gay. At that point he didn’t know any chords but it didn’t stop him from putting the left index finger over all six strings on the guitar and move it around, sure enough some places sounded better than others. Progress. That approach is still working some 35+ years later.
There has been many bands. Too many to mention but the ones that Mathias has been fortunate to release records with as a member are Gösta Berlings Saga, Makajodama, My Brother The Wind, Oresund Space Collective and Archimedes Badkar Refill. At the moment Mathias is working on his first album in his own name. Yes, a solo album. This time he reveals his love for rootsy Americana rock with lush harmony vocals.
In 2003 Mathias added a new world of sounds to his palette. The pedal steel guitar. It is a wonderful instrument once you passed the first threshold of learning. His mentor told him that the first 30 years are the hardest, then it will start to pay off. Let’s say he’s still working on it.
Mathias has toured Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Nepal.

Mathias steel album

It’s been 17 years since Mathias Danielsson started playing pedal steel guitar, and now available on Bandcamp is an anthology with recorded tracks from this time. Recorded at the Eight Track Shack 2003-2020. All instruments played, recorded and produced by Mathias Danielsson.
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Makajodama FRONT COVER kopia

October 10th 2019 saw the 10 year anniversary of the Makajodama album. Makajodama and Pancromatic Records are proud to present a limited edition 10 year anniversary LP release of the album pressed from the original masters. With a customized cover it both sounds and looks incredible!! 300 copies only.
Get your copy at:
Buy it directly from the band at https://www.facebook.com/Makajodama-176087311921
“Swedish guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and pedal-steel player Mathias Danielsson is flanked by violin, cello, drums, and guest brass, reed, and woodwind players on this magnificent disc of largely improvised instrumental avant-rock.”    -GUITAR PLAYER
Written, arranged & produced by Mathias Danielsson.
Recorded at The Dustward by Stefan Brändström.
Mathias Danielsson-Vocals, Guitars, Pedal Steel Guitar
Morgan Korsmoe-Bass
Ola Göransson-Drums
Katey Jacobson-Harmony Vocals
Written, arranged & produced by Mathias Danielsson.
Recorded at The Dustward by Stefan Brändström.
Mathias Danielsson-Vocals, Guitars
Morgan Korsmoe-Bass
Ola Göransson-Drums
Recorded at Drop Out Analogue Studio by Love Tholin.
Mathias Danielsson-Guitar
Nicklas Barker-Guitar
Ronny Eriksson-Bass
Daniel Fridlund Brandt-Drums

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