The New Wave Of Pedal Steel Guitar??

Is there such a movement? I don’t know, but if there was I guess Mathias Danielsson would be a part of it. Whether he’s playing cosmic rock with My Brother The Wind, improvising to silent movies with The Muffin Ensemble or playing traditional country music with Roy Handcuff he seems to be finding new ways of expressing himself. And when he found the eight string Fender 400 he found a tool more true to his expression than the Sho-Bud he previously played. Sure, it’s more limited in a way of lacking knee levers and the extra two strings that is the modern standard but some say that sound is everything. It might not be all true but with the right sound the closer you get….The Fender 400 was also the instrument that Sneaky Pete Kleinow used with The Flying Burrito Brothers. A huge inspiration for many unorthodox steel players. Another one of Mathias’ favourite pickers is Lloyd Green, and especially the stuff he recorded on the Little Darlin’ label where he was the first call. During that period Lloyd backed up Johnny Paycheck among others. If you haven’t heard those recordings you better check ’em out. Talking about classic recordings of the 1960’s, another big inspiration on the Fender steel is Red Rhodes and his recordings on the Crown label. Ralph Mooney and Tom Brumley are two other pickers that played Fender pedal steels during the 50’s and 60’s on classic recordings with Buck Owens.

When Mathias started out on steel he got a lot of help from the late great swedish player Rolf Färdigh. Later Mathias got some good advice and inspiration from New York based steel player Jon Graboff, aka The Slyder, now famous as one of the members of Ryan Adams band The Cardinals.
If you have a pedal steel that needs some tender care, please contact Mathias. He knows these things. Mathias also plays electric guitar in the instrumental psychedelic rock band My Brother The Wind who has released four critically acclaimed albums.

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  1. Denny ⋅

    You stud, you.

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